Valerie Renay

Ethereal Electro Visceral Neo Punk

As a wildly theatrical performer, painter and electronic pop chanteuse, there’s little artistic territory French artist Valerie Renay hasn’t tamed. More afraid of remaining static than she is of exploring the sonically unknown, Renay’s ardent desires recently led her away from her other musical project Noblesse Oblige and straight into the self-stoking fires of a passionate solo recording artist.





Berlin-based duo Valerie Renay and Sebastian Lee Philipp form the charmingly eccentric, refreshingly eclectic, act Noblesse Oblige. Combining catchy electro beats, haunting melodies and stylish pop hooks with a dark twist, they defy categorization. From their intoxicatingly provocative live performances, to their unique recordings, this theatrical raw art duo wow audiences with their hypnotic quality. (more...)




Valerie Renay recently started painting, encouraged by her father who painted as a young man. Her work is impregnated with mysticism. She paints mainly portraits of friends, real or imaginary with delicate, androgynous features. (more...)



Multi disciplinary composer-producer Takatsuna Mukai (Gobsausage, Dragan Živadinov/NSK, Malcolm Poynter) returns with a collection of 12 collaborative tracks co-written and performed with artists from many different corners of the world and musical genres. His experience in the London electro/rock scene as well as in European avant-garde theatre sysnthesises the 12 seemingly disparate microcosms into a single, coherent whole. (more...)


A veteran of Trevor Horn's legendary 80’s record label ZTT and leading minimalist composer, Andrew Poppy's compositions are regularly performed all over the world. 

His extensive body of work consists of acclaimed albums of minimalism and classical/electronic crossover, concert music, opera, and scores for contemporary dance, theatre and film productions, as well as numerous collaborations with leftfield pop and rock bands such as Nitzer Ebb, The The, Psychic TV, Erasure, The House of Love, Black, Simon Fisher Turner and Coil (more...)

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