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Release: ŚŪNYA (Album)


Multi disciplinary composer-producer Takatsuna Mukai (Gobsausage, Dragan Živadinov/NSK, Malcolm Poynter) returns with a collection of 12 collaborative tracks co-written and performed with artists from many different corners of the world and musical genres. His experience in the London electro/rock scene as well as in European avant-garde theatre sysnthesises the 12 seemingly disparate microcosms into a single, coherent whole.


The album was composed, recorded and mixed over a period of 10 months between the Autumn 2012 and Summer 2013 in Italy, Croatia, Germany, Sweden, and the UK.

Śūnya is a Sanskrit word meaning zero, a void, which occurs as the result of an entity infinitely bloated. Each artist worked toward this broad concept and the keyword, bringing in their own experiences and perspectives during the process, resulting in an intriguing, thought-provoking set of interpretations.


To list some of the collaborators;

Gary Asquith of London punk/dub/electro legends Rema-Rema and Renegade Soundwave, Palestinian and North African cello virtuoso Shirley Smart, Valéry Renay of Berlin electro duo Noblesse Oblige, Olja Frolo and Alen Zarifović of Croatian dark folk band Loell Duinn (here going back to Zarifović’s Bosnian roots), Kyrgyz-Russian multi-artist Aza Shade, Fritz Catlin (ex-23 Skidoo), and Gordon Raphael. 


The album is the culmination of Mukai’s works in the first decade of this century. His experiences in a variety of projects during the period, ranging from electro-punk bands, audio-visual installations, improvised concerts, experimental theatres, and contemporary dance pieces are all condensed and presented here in the form of a single thread of musical materials.


-Quote from Mat Smith ( on Śūnya:


Mukai's Sunya finds the producer working in collaboration with a bunch of musicians and singers, producing a varied and nuanced collection of songs in the process, all joined together by a sense of space and atmosphere learned from the intricacies and emotionally manipulative qualities of placing sounds together for the air of mystique and noirish atmosphere that links these pieces together like he's taken the role as the Twin Peaks hotel's resident composer. Wonky jazz arrangements clash with Mukai's own sawing electric violin, white-hot psychedelic guitar flourishes clash with analogue synth textures, pastoral beauty with stream-of-consciousness wordplay and intimate vocals; Mukai's role is to subtly ensure that all of this has a sense of coherence, and it is much to his credit that Sunya hangs together seamlessly............


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