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Sep 16th 2016 - Schwuz, Berlin

Reclaim The beats closing party

Oct 5th 2016- Monarch, Berlin 

Siegessäule party



Valerie Renay

Living In Germany

Single & Video Release 17th Oct 2016

Ethereal Electro Visceral Neo Punk

‘Living in Germany’ began as a bit of an inside joke. Two friends in Berlin daring one another to write an asinine ode to the city. However, long after the last drop of rum had been drunk, its punch line still lingered inside Valerie’s head... begging to see whether it had potential worth repeating.

It did.

That same night she decided to develop the idea and record what was to become her first independent solo release; catching the attention of lauded producers Moses Schneider and Gordon Raphael.

Schneider (Pixies engineer - twice nominated as best producer) offered to mix the single in his studio the very next day and the song, originally built on the satirical bones of punk, soon grew into a passionately hypnotic celebration of the Berlin zeitgeist and intoxicating playground Valerie calls home.

In the accompanying video directed by award-winning filmmaker Jackie Baier, Valerie explores the political disparity of her world, possessing an array of characters that find themselves caught between its walls in either delirium or desperation.

As a wildly theatrical performer, painter and electronic pop chanteuse, there’s little artistic territory French artist Valerie Renay hasn’t tamed. More afraid of remaining static than she is of exploring the sonically unknown, Renay’s ardent desires recently led her away from her other musical project Noblesse Oblige and straight into the self-stoking fires of a passionate solo recording artist.

In her Berlin home studio-cum-atelier where the walls are adorned with paintings of her enigmatic subjects and their golden haloes, Valerie began demoing material alone. However, lauded producers Moses Schneider and Gordon Raphael soon helped in guiding her toward her latest vision: to create ethereal music that sits powerfully in the foreground...

Music that carves dreamlike melodies and colourful lyrics but also boldly dares to show its rougher edges and cross through darker boundaries. Music that – with her beloved red Telecaster – incorporates the warmth of classic synths, pounding visceral drums and heavy Bass Station resonance, yet explores more captivatingly twisted electronic territories.


Valerie is currently working with Einstürzende Neubauten producer Boris Wilsdorf in the prestigious andereBaustelle studio, so expect more music to be released soon!

The stage show is rough & ready: Valerie delivers a dramatic and emotionally charged vocal performance while crafting her ironic punk-tinged poetry over synths and guitar. Expect to fall into the grip of bewitching rhythms and hypnotic bass lines as they bounce off both electronic and traditional Yoruba drums, brought into play by powerful Nigerian percussionist Tokunbo Balogun.


Living in Germany

I feel so free in Germany

Berlin is poor but so sexy

I love my job but work for free

I don't complain... It's Germany...

I love my life in Germany

To integrate is so easy

I spend my nights in ecstasy

My friends and I, we're so happy In Germany.....

Video premiere party at The Hole

17th Oct 2016 from 8pm: Schlesische Str. 37, Berlin 10997

Living In Germany is available as download with lyrics on Bandcamp: